Law enforcement internships

Drug Enforcement Administration 

The DEA is responsible for the control of illicit substances both nationally and internationally. Duties of the DEA include:

  • enforcement of US drug laws
  • seizure and forfeiture of profit associated with drug trafficking
  • investigation and preparation for the prosecution of high-level members of drug trafficking organizations

The DEA does not accept internship applications. However, if you are an intern with the Flagstaff Police Department, you’ll be offered an opportunity to perform activities with the DEA in addition to your regular duties.

US Marshals Flagstaff

In this internship, you will learn proper techniques for picking up and transporting federal prisoners, assist with review of civil and criminal legal documents, and data-processing of warrants. You will learn about court security:

  • judicial security
  • building security
  • threat investigations

You will also participate in cellblock operations, including:

  • processing new arrests
  • prisoner handling techniques
  • finger-printing

Northern Arizona University Police Department

If you intern with the university’s police, you’ll assist officers with many tasks associated with university law enforcement. You may:

  • accompany officers as they conduct campus patrols
  • perform administrative tasks associated with the operation of the department
  • assist with investigations

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI Honors Internship Program provides you with a unique opportunity to gain an insider’s view of federal law enforcement. If you’re selected, you’ll spend a semester in Washington, DC, where you will observe and take part in many of the activities associated with the FBI, such as multi-jurisdictional investigations and tax law enforcement. This is a national competition and the deadline to apply to the FBI is November 1.

Coconino County Sheriff’s Office

Students interning at the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office will perform a number of clerical assignments vital to the operation of the department. Primary duties will include:

  • assisting department personnel with data collection
  • filing records pertaining to departmental procedures and investigations
  • accompanying officers as they perform patrols and investigations

Flagstaff Police Department

With an internship at the Flagstaff Police Department, you’ll gain experience conducting a variety of tasks associated with local law enforcement. You’ll be responsible for performing clerical tasks such as:

  • collecting information
  • recording various data in computer systems
  • filing records

You will also have the opportunity to accompany officers as they perform duties associated with the department:

  • ride along with officers during patrols
  • observe the investigation of crimes
  • participate in community relations
  • assist officers during public presentations

Department of the Interior, National Park Service

The National Park Service offers a paid internship opportunity. Under the supervision of qualified personnel, you will be trained as a non-supervisory park ranger. The focus is on law enforcement and duties will include:

  • facilitating visitor understanding and enjoyment of park resources
  • inducing visitor behavior that is compliant with the rules and regulations of the park
  • encouraging visitors to develop a sense of stewardship for park resources

Coconino County Medical Examiner’s Office

Typical duties of an internship at the Medical Examiner’s Office will include:

  • admittance, photographing, and fingerprinting of deceased persons
  • recording data on deceased persons such as:
    • weight
    • height
    • personal property received
  • assisting the medical examiner with the preparation of deceased persons for autopsy or during the actual autopsy

Northern Arizona University Parking Services

You will assist department personnel and student employees in a number of assignments associated with the enforcement of parking regulations:

  • clerical tasks, such as filing paperwork and records
  • assisting employees with customer services
  • accompanying employees as they perform campus patrols

Arizona Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is a multi-faceted organization consisting of four divisions:

  • Highway Patrol
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Agency Support
  • Criminal Justice Support

You will participate in a number of vital tasks:

  • filing documents and recordkeeping
  • assisting with the collection and collation of information associated with organizational procedures
  • aiding officers with criminal investigations

US Marshals Service

The US Marshals Service (CSCEP is not currently available as the US Marshals are under a hiring freeze; internship opportunities still do exist with the US Marshals though it not the formalized CSCEP program). 

Applications for US Marshals internships are competitive. Centralized Student Career Experience Program (CSCEP) is a cooperative education program that prepares college students for Deputy US Marshal (DUSM) positions. The program accepts students pursuing degrees in:

  • criminal justice
  • political science
  • psychology
  • public administration
  • sociology
  • or social sciences with a concentration in one of the majors listed

Eligibility requirements include:

  • at least 20 years of age
  • US citizen
  • at least a half-time student
  • have and maintain a 3.0 GPA in major and overall GPA of 2.75

You will need to:

  • meet all eligibility requirements
  • pass a structured interview
  • pass a full-field background investigation
  • pass a complete physical examination
  • pass a physical fitness (FIT) test
  • be approved by the Operational Review Panel (ORP)

This is a paid position with benefits. If you successfully complete the program, you will be offered a Deputy Marshal’s position at the end of the internship. You should apply early in your junior year to participate in the internship as a senior.