Corrections internships

Coconino County Jail

At the jail, you will gain valuable experience working alongside correctional supervisors, officers, and other employees. You will:
  • assist with clerical and administrative tasks
  • be given opportunities to assist with
    • intake and outtake procedures
    • the supervision of inmates
    • the organization and implementation of inmate services

Arizona Department of Corrections (ADOC)

At ADOC, you’ll participate in many fields associated with corrections, such as:

  • architecture and facility design
  • human resources
  • inmate supervision
  • security
  • counseling programs
  • public information tasks

Yavapai County Adult Probation           

The Yavapai County Adult Probation Department offers a variety of experiences in community supervision. You’ll accompany officers as they monitor probationers in the Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Cottonwood areas. You will also assist personnel with:

  • pre-trial preparation and services
  • pre-sentence reports
  • subsequent supervision and surveillance duties

US Probation           

During a US Probation internship, you’ll have the opportunity to attend sentence hearings and witness “behind-the-scenes” activities related to the sentencing process. You’ll also assist in pre-sentence investigations and the supervision of offenders on probation.

Coconino County Adult Probation         

At the Coconino County Adult Probation office, you’ll gain experience in the corrections field by:

  • aiding in pre-sentence investigations
  • preparing client assessments and referrals
  • participating in field supervision duties alongside officers

Arizona Department of Juvenile Correction   

The Department of Juvenile Corrections allows you to:

  • assist with casework, including duties to ensure that all youth under the jurisdiction of the department receive needed services
  • attend disciplinary hearings
  • supervise youth during their daily activities
  • use conflict resolution and mediation techniques to resolve disputes

Teen Court  

You’ll work with juvenile court staff and will help prepare case files, notices, and correspondence for Teen Court. Interns will also work with parents and defendants to facilitate completion of court-mandated consequences.

Coconino County Juvenile Court Services

Information coming soon.