Robert Schehr

Robert Schehr Professor
Northern Arizona University
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Blg 65 Rm #319
Phone: 928-523-9979


PhD Purdue University 

Professional interests

  • wrongful conviction
  • sociology of law
  • jurisprudence
  • justice policy
  • criminological theory
  • ethics

Academic interests and affiliations

Dr. Schehr’s recent scholarly interests have centered around the constitutionality of plea bargaining. His work assesses plea bargaining through the lens of legal doctrine, mental competency, neurophenomenology, due process, and the reproduction of dominant cultural power. Additional scholarly and teaching interests include the confluence of neoliberalism and social control, especially as manifested in changes to education, application of historical and contemporary Supreme Court interpretations of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution to preserve and advance corporate and other dominant cultural rights claims, and enhancing jurisprudential awareness of the implications of court opinions and legislative policies at the state and federal levels.