Raymond Michalowski

Raymond Michalowski Arizona Regents' Professor
Northern Arizona University
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Blg SBS Castro Rm #324
Phone: 928-523-3710

Professional interests

  • criminological theory
  • international human rights
  • immigration and border policy
  • social justice
  • corporate
  • environmental and political crime

Academic interests and affiliations

Most of my academic career has been focused on studying the relationships between law and justice on the one hand, and political and economic power on the other. While I have employed research tools ranging from advanced quantitative analyses to post-modernist modes of inquiry, in recent years I find my work relying most frequently on ethnographic and qualitative methods. Right now, two projects are particularly important to me.

One is a close-grained ethnographic exploration of the nature, goals, and strategies of social action groups concerned with immigration along the Arizona-Mexico border. As part of this research I am working with and/or observing a variety of social movement organizations. Some of these, such as the Border Action Network, No More Deaths, Samaritans, Derechos Humanos, Humane Borders and the Florence Project are concerned with protecting and extending the rights of undocumented migrants from Mexico and nations further south.

Others, such as the Minutemen and the Border Guardians are focused on sealing the US border against further undocumented migration. My long-term goal is to both write about and perhaps develop a video documentary on the social and political struggles taking place over immigration in southeastern Arizona.

My other current project involves continuing an inquiry begun in 2003 into the possible violations of international law associated with the invasion and occupation of Iraq. This work extends the articles on the illegality of the Iraq War that I published with my colleague Ron Kramer in Social Justice and the British Journal of Criminology.

I am currently examining the possible the violations of the U.N. Charter concerning state sovereignty, illegal attempts to convert the Iraq economy into a neo-liberal market system in violation of the Nuremburg Charter, and offenses in violations of the Geneva Convention, international humanitarian law and E.U. laws as they relate to the failure to protect citizens in a conquered country, unlawful detentions and torture at places such as Abu Grahib and Camp X-ray at Guantanamo, and the use of "renditions" to send suspected "enemy combatants" to be interrogated in countries known to use torture.