Dennis Catlin

Dennis Catlin Professor
Northern Arizona University
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Phone: 520-879-7900

Professional interests

  • global security
  • criminal justice ethics

Academic interests and affiliations

As a former law enforcement officer and FBI Agent, I have been interested in the ethics of law enforcement and criminal justice personnel. My research focuses on the personal ethical orientations criminal justice personnel bring to the job and the impact indoctrination training and the subculture have on ethical orientation.

My studies to date have looked at both law enforcement and judicial personnel. In law enforcement, the studies have investigated the effect of both recruit training and subsequent exposure to the police subculture on personal ethical positions of police officers. These studies have suggested that over time ethical orientations are impacted by both initial training and the subculture.

My current research looks at whether ethical orientations are related to ethical decision making as expressed by a series of hypothetical ethical dilemmas. Similar research with judicial personnel suggests that judicial personnel who serve in different roles in the court system have significantly different ethical orientations.