Anthropology Computing Laboratory

Location: SBS West (building 70), room 102

The lab provides you with:

  • a computer and teaching lab
  • an interactive classroom
  • a graphics, quantitative analysis, ethnographic, and interaction, and discourse analysis facility

Visual Anthropology Laboratory

Location: SBS West (building 70), room 102

The state-of-the-art computer lab has:

  • video/DVD editing and production
  • Mac computers and Final Cut Pro video editing software

Dr. Wilce uses the lab for his linguistic anthropology laboratory class (ANT 514)

IDEA Lab: Anthropology Materials and Analysis Laboratories

Location: Building 52 

The IDEA Lab provides facilities specifically for teaching archaeological materials analysis and biological anthropology. The lab contains:

  • 10 Leica Wild microscopes
  • an image analysis system that includes a computer, pad cam system, digitizer, and image-transmission-equipped microscope
Website: IDEA Lab

Faunal Analysis Laboratory

The Faunal Analysis Lab provides a facility for:

  • a compara­tive collection of modern mammal bones from the American southwest
  • a teaching and training facility for graduate and undergraduate stu­dents
  • research in the fauna lab for student projects, both in Anthropology and Quaternary Studies
  • a secure place for storage and study of faunal materials on loan from museums around the country
  • the Navajo Nation Archaeology Department

Lithic Analysis Laboratory

The Lithic Analysis Lab, directed by Dr. Francis E. Smiley, holds lithic compara­tive collections from northern Arizona, southeastern Utah, and New Mexico. The lab provides facilities for the analysis of prehistoric stone tools and the waste materials from tool manufacture.

The lab has two Wild Leica binocular microscopes for analysis of lithic materials and provides a teaching and training facility for graduate and undergraduate students. 

Ceramic Analysis Laboratory

The Ceramic Analysis Lab, directed by Dr. Kelley Hays-Gilpin, provides a facility for:

  • taking on contracts to analyze pottery from salvage and research projects anywhere on the Colorado Plateau
  • teaching and training for graduate and undergraduate students
  • the Navajo Nation Archaeology Depart­ment to analyze pottery from several contract projects
  • students taking ANT 552 (Ceramic Analysis)
  • housing comparative collections of pottery and samples of clay and other materials from Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah

Paleoethnobotany Laboratory

Directed by George Gumerman IV, this lab provides a facility for:

  • research and contractual work on archaeo­logically recovered prehistoric plant remains 
  • materials processed and analyzed in the lab from South America, the American Midwest, and the American Southwest
  • housing comparative collections of American flora
  • teaching and training for graduate and undergraduate students

Anthropology Paleodiet Stable Isotope Laboratory

Location: Building 49

The Paleodiet Laboratory is run by Dr. Kellner and provides a facility for:

  • processing archaeological soils, water, plants, fauna, and human bones and teeth for stable isotope analysis
  • determining the diet, health, and migration patterns of prehistoric people

NAU Anthropology Laboratories

Location: Building 49

Website: NAU Anthropology Labs 

The Anthropology Laboratories are a research, educational, and service organization of the Department of Anthropology, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Northern Arizona University. Our mission is to foster a deeper understanding of the peoples, places, and cultures of the Colorado Plateau and to provide expertise and technical assistance in the field of cultural resource management.