Welcome to the Red Feather Development Group Hopi Home Health Assessments Project


Using a community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach project partners will build capacity for the education of tribal members regarding the link between their living environment and their family’s health, and provide them with affordable strategies to implement their own home health and safety repairs.

Community Health Workers will conduct an in-home assessment of health hazards and wellness strategies and return personalized results to personnel at Red Feather to develop home-specific repair kits to improve the health of each household.

Principal Investigator(s)


  • Dr. Hardy is a medical anthropologist specializing in research strategies and implementation plans in the area of public health.
  • Joe Seidenberg is the Hopi Program Manager of the Red Feather Development Group.
  • Lorencita Joshweseoma is the Director of the Hopi Tribe Department of Community Health Services.


Get Involved!

Internship and volunteer opportunities are open to both undergraduate and graduate students.


Research takes place on Hopi tribal lands.


Research takes place year-round.




This project is conducted in collaboration with the Hopi Tribal Government and the Red Feather Development Group.


Partial support for this research program comes from the New Investigator Award from the Center for American Indian Resilience.