Melissa Liebert, PhD

Melissa Liebert Assistant Professor
Northern Arizona University
Blg 65 Rm #307
Phone: 928-523-2994


  • Biocultural Anthropology
  • Human Evolutionary Biology
  • Human Development and Adaptability
  • Stress and Health
  • Effects of Cultural and Economic Changes on Human Biology
  • Shuar Health and Life History Project (SHLHP)
  • World Health Organization’s Study on Global AGEing and Adult Health (SAGE)


  • Humankind Emerging
  • Biological Anthropology Seminar
  • Quantitative Research Methods


  • Implications of market integration for cardiovascular and metabolic health among an indigenous Amazonian Ecuadorian population
  • Physical growth of the Shuar: Height, weight, and BMI references for an indigenous Amazonian population
  • Associations between sleep duration, sleep quality, and cognitive test performance among older adults from six middle income countries