Community programs

SBS student-to-student connections: shadowing program

This program pairs Native American high school students with a current social and behavioral sciences student for a day.

High school students will shadow their university mentor throughout the day and:

  • attend their classes
  • participate in the same activities
  • gather with the participants and mentors as well as the three traditional knowledge scholars from the resident elders program

This experience provides high school students with:

  • the opportunity to gain insight into what it’s like to go to Northern Arizona University from a real student’s point of view 
  • the chance to get excited about attending college
  • the chance to acquire information about how to successfully apply to the university, financial aid, and student support services

Becoming a mentor

We need you to mentor a student for a day. If you are an SBS student, you can help the future generation gain the confidence they need to successfully navigate the university.

Native American students are especially valuable in this role because they are particularly effective role models for Native American high schoolers.

Apply to be a student-to-student mentor.