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Requesting to Advertise in the Residence Halls

Please review the Residential Posting and Electronic Bulletin Board Regulations for details. 

Paper Poster FAQ

How do I get paper posters/flyers approved?
Please bring your poster to North Hall during regular business hours (8am- 5pm Monday through Friday). Come up to the second floor reception area and someone will assist you. After your poster has been approved, we will distribute them for you.

How many posters can I have posted?
We can take a poster for each residence hall (21) or if you are an authorized on-campus club/organization/department, we allow one poster per RA (157).

I only printed a certain number of posters. Can you take more or less?
We have a specific distribution policy and therefore can only take 21 or 157 posters. If you would like to put posters in a specific residential hall, you may contact the Resident Hall Director for their approval.

How soon should I bring my paper posters/flyers up to be approved? How long will they remain up?
We recommend bringing your paper advertisement at least two weeks before your event. It takes a while for the posters to be approved and distributed. You are welcome to bring the posters up sooner, but anything less than two weeks might not give your event enough time to be promoted. We take all posters down the day after the event. If you have an information flier, we will keep it for three weeks after approval.

What kinds of paper posters are accepted?
All posters must be in good taste without anything demeaning or discriminatory. Sponsor and contact information must be provided on the poster. If it is for an event, a date and time are required as well. Posters should not exceed 14x22 inches in size.
Posters must be affiliated with an approved organization. Election posters promoting an individual candidate are not accepted.

Electronic Bulletin FAQ

What format should I send my posting in?
Please send all postings in JPEG format if possible.

What types of postings are accepted?
All postings must be in good taste without demeaning or discriminatory material. Sponsor and contact information must be provided on the posting. If the posting is for an event, a date and time are required as well.

Can I update postings I have already submitted?

Please send all updates to, mentioning the updates made and your previous request.

I own a business in town that caters to students. Can I post an ad?

Unfortunately, our electronic postings are reserved for university departments, clubs, and organizations only and we cannot accept postings for private businesses.

Requesting Access to Residence Halls

All employees and affiliates requesting access to residence halls must complete a Card Access Request Form. Completed forms may be submitted to Please allow at least 5 business days for approval.

Card Access Request - enterable form

Card Access Request - printable form