Living In Temporary Housing

EO Space McConnell

At NAU we are committed to making the residential experience available to all freshmen who would like the opportunity to live on campus. While the application deadline for guaranteed  housing is May 15, we will continue to accept new housing applications for as long as we anticipate space becoming available. Students applying for housing past the application deadline may be placed initially in temporary housing prior to receiving a permanent assignment. This temporary space is called Expanded Occupancy (EO) housing. 

If you are assigned to EO housing, we want you to feel comfortable in your temporary assignment and will make every effort to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The following information is provided to help you get a better sense of what to expect.

What is temporary housing space like?

A variety of locations are used for expanded occupancy. Students may be placed in a lounge in a Freshman Connections hall, like the one shown in the photo below, or in a room with a Resident Assistant (RA).  

Sechrist Lobby - Temp Housing - 470px

Example of a lounge used for temporary housing 

How is temporary housing furnished?
Furnishings include a twin bed, closet space/wardrobe, dresser and access to a study desk or table and chair.
What should I plan to bring?
Bring what you would normally bring to a double room, such as clothes, school supplies, toiletries, linens, etc. We encourage you to be selective about what you bring, and consider holding on things you won’t need right away such as heavy winter clothes or additional furnishings, since you will be moving to another location.
How long will I be in temporary housing?
The precise length of your stay in temporary housing is difficult to predict. Reassignments out of temporary housing will continue as we receive cancellations and space becomes available. Students will be assigned to permanent spaces in order of their date of housing application. Those who applied or paid their housing rent confirmation in June/July may be in temporary housing for much of the fall semester based on how soon space becomes available. The number of residents who make last minute decisions to withdraw from classes, not move into their assignments, or otherwise leave housing early in the semester will determine when permanent assignments can be made.
Where will my permanent assignment be located?
As space opens up, students will be assigned to a permanent space based on date of application. Freshmen will be assigned in one of the Freshman Connections halls as it opens. While we aim to keep you in the same hall, it is not guaranteed as it is dependent on where space becomes available.
What does it cost to live in temporary housing?
We reduce your rent rate for the time you live in temporary housing. The rent rate for temporary housing is based on the lowest rent rate on campus for a shared double room ($5,296 for 2017-2018) and will be prorated based on the dates you stay in temporary housing. Once you move to a permanent space, your rent will be adjusted to reflect the regular rent rate of your permanent residence hall and prorated based on the date of your move.