Meet the McKay Hall Staff

Get to know your McKay Village Residence Hall Director and Resident Assistants.

McKay Village & Campus Heights Staff

Hall Director

2016 Kendal Arthur

Name: Kendal Arthur
Phone: 928-863-2316


  • Master of Public Administration - University of Central Florida
  • Bachelor of Arts, French with minor in Sociology - Grambling State University
  • Master of Arts, Public Policy and International Affairs - Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Why I chose NAU: During my on-campus interview, I really enjoyed the intimate feel of Flagstaff and of the campus. Additionally, I saw NAU as somewhere where I could grow personally, professionally and academically, hence my decision to work here! I have not regretted my decision since! NAU Rocks!
Why I am excited to be an RHD: I am excited to be a Residence Hall Director here as it allows me to mentor, motivate and motivate tomorrow's leaders. Additionally, being a foreign professional, the position is invaluable in helping me acculturate into mainstream American society, through the direct interactions that I get with students, faculty and staff on a daily basis on this campus.

Graduate Residence Hall Director

2016 - Daria Ursol
Name: Daria Ursol
Phone: 928-863-2317

McKay Village Resident Assistants 

2016 - Mtn View - Annelise Krafft
Name: Annelise Krafft
Year: Junior
Major: Strategic Communications with Minors in Spanish and Journalism
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Why I chose NAU: When I was looking at colleges my senior year of high school, nothing felt like home to me until I visited Northern Arizona University. The small town feel and welcoming atmosphere were really inviting and I had my heart set on going here the second I set foot on campus! Also, being a few hours away from home was really important to me so I could have my family close by!
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I’m excited to be a Resident Assistant because I love people! This job is really great for getting to know a lot of different types of people from different backgrounds and finding ways to bring them together. I can't wait to get to know my residents and have a great year with them!

2016 - McKay - Nicole Hicks

Name: Nicole Hicks
Year: Senior
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose to go to NAU because they offered me the best deal financially. I wanted to pursue an education without being haunted by student loans.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I love the connections I get to make with my residents, so the most exciting part is being there for them through their accomplishments and helping them through their struggles. On another note, having an amazing staff makes the experience 1000 times better.

2016 - Mtn View - Hannah Webster

Name: Hannah Webster
Year: Sophomore
Major: Civil Engineering
Hometown: Tempe, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because I wanted to get out of the Phoenix heat. I also thought the campus was beautiful and liked all the hiking and outdoor activities that are possible here.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I'm excited to meet new people and help my residents feel at home in their communities!

2016 - Mtn View - Shelby Carter

Name: Shelby Carter
Year: Sophomore
Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Glendale, AZ
Why I chose NAU: NAU has been in my sight since I was a little girl. I grew up spending summers at my grandparents cabin near Flagstaff, and ever since I have loved Northern Arizona. I chose NAU because of the weather, beautiful campus, and excellent education program. It was also important to me that I was away from home in order to receive the full college experience, but still close enough that I can go home on the weekends if I wanted to.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I am super excited to be an RA because I love people and have a passion for helping everyone I come in contact with reach their fullest potential. I have dreamed about being an RA since I was little, and I am beyond ecstatic that I will be living out my dream this year. I am also really excited to bond with the other McKay staff and make this year the best one yet!

2016 - Mtn View - Victor Martinez

Name: Victor Martinez
Year: Senior
Major: Biomedical Science with a minor in Chemistry
Hometown: Oracle, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because I enjoyed having that small town feel. Flagstaff is a beautiful community with heartwarming and welcoming people. I knew that by coming here, I could make a difference because NAU offers endless opportunities and resources to help you achieve your aspirations.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I am excited to be an RA because I love bringing people together. I enjoy being a resource for people and being someone for them to turn to when they need help. Guidance is a major key to success, and I want to be able to provide that and hopefully make a difference in the lives of my residents.

2016 - Mtn View - Riley Waechter

Name: Riley Waechter
Year: Sophomore
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Why I chose NAU: One of the main reasons I chose NAU was in order to escape the heat of the valley but still enjoy all of the perks of an in-state university; and I love the all of the trees, blue skies, and even snow that Flagstaff has to offer. That being said, the main reason I chose NAU was for all of the Pokestops on and around campus.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I am very excited to be working in Housing and Residence Life; I really enjoyed my involvement in Hall Association and I look forward to be able to continue making NAU on-campus life the best it can be! I am also looking forward to being able to work with all of the staff members and residents of Campus Heights/McKay Village.

2016 - Mtn View - Rain Whalen

Name: Rain Whalen
Year: Junior
Major: Physics and Modern Languages with an emphasis in French
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Why I Chose NAU: I chose NAU because I love Flagstaff and the personality of campus. I really feel at home here and am excited for my third year at 7000 feet!
Why I Am Excited To Be An RA: I am excited to be an RA because I like contributing and participating in a local community, meeting new and diverse people, and being a friend and resource for residents.