How to Certify

To qualify for your No Impact Jack certificate: 

  • Click on “Certify Now.” Complete the prerequisites and select up to three of the behaviors to commit to doing while living at NAU. 

Certification Levels

You have the choice of continuing on to attempt a higher level of certification. There are four levels of certification. We provide different levels of certification to allow anyone to participate no matter how “green” you currently are. We want you to set realistic goals for yourself based on your current actions and habits.

The certificate levels are:

Mars Hill

mars sustainability


Mount Elden

elden certification

Kendrick Peak

kendrick certification

Humphrey's Peak 

humphrey's sustainability


To be awarded a higher certification level, you must ALREADY be doing at least ten of the listed actions/behaviors. If you begin a level and find you are unable to achieve it, please finish your submission by clicking on the submit button and your form will be submitted. Your level of certification will be determined by the last one you fully completed.You are also welcome to reapply for a higher level of certification at any time during the year. 

The Program Coordinator will review your form, and place your certificate on your door within one to two weeks.


More reasons to be a No Impact Jack

.Did you know that Northern Arizona University has a Sustainability Action Plan

  • As a member of the Northern Arizona University community and one who lives on campus, you have the opportunity to make a powerful difference with the choices you make. It may not seem like your actions alone have much of an impact, but collectively, if we all make changes, we will be able to reduce our footprint and help NAU achieve its carbon neutral goals!
  • The best part is that it will not be as hard as you think. You are probably doing some of it already, and it will be so easy to incorporate a few everyday changes that you will hardly even notice a difference once you get started.
  • You deserve recognition for making the choice to live more sustainably on campus!
  • Be a leader and a positive influence in your residential community. By having a No Impact Jack Certificate on your door, you are encouraging others to take part and showing your friends and neighbors how easy it is to live sustainably on campus.
  • Last, but not least, it is fun being green! Don’t think of it as a sacrifice. Instead think of it as an opportunity to use your imagination and creativity to rethink how you live.  

Check out the Green NAU website to learn more about what NAU is doing to create a culture of sustainability across the campus and how you can take part. 

This is a program for students who live on campus with Housing and Residence Life. We are not currently prepared to accept forms from students who live in The Suites, Hilltop Townhouses or off-campus. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Certify Now!