Current & Past Eco-Rep Testimonials

Eco Rep Testimonial Picture

Developing Communication Skills
“I improved in sharing my ideas with others and how to convey the importance of sustainability to my peers.”

“Being an Eco-Rep definitely helped me learn how to be more persuasive.”

“I felt that I learned how to talk to people better about how to become more sustainable. Before I was worried about talking to people, but now I feel more confident.”

Making Connections and Friendships
“It helped me make a community for myself in my hall.”

“It helped me meet a lot of cool people and feel more comfortable talking to groups.”

“I became much more involved in my hall.”

“I have benefited from the friendships I have made with other Eco-Reps and the people I met in my hall.”

Learning about Sustainability
“Participation in the program helped me get a clearer understanding of the field of sustainability and help me discover if this field is what I want to study in school.”

“Everything we did went along seamlessly with what I learned in class, overall enhancing my classes.”

“I am now more aware of my personal actions and want to help others learn.”

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Development of Leadership Skills
“Being an Eco-Rep helped me greatly improve my leadership ability and helped me learn more about what I can do as one person.”

“I learned how to be a better leader.”

“I was able to gain more confidence in a leadership role."

Development of Organizational and Planning Skills
"I gained experience in program planning, which is relevant to my career goals.”

“I got better at planning through doing all the events.”

“It really helped me become more self-sufficient when it comes to programming.”