Housing and Residence Life is a steward of vibrant sustainable on-campus residential communities

What do we mean by sustainable?
Each of us has the potential to have a positive impact on the Earth’s environment through daily habits that reduce resource consumption and waste. It is living your life in a way that protects the environment for everyone today as well as our future generations. It includes modifying your lifestyle and making some easy changes about what you buy, use, and throw away. 

NAU’s Commitment
NAU has signed the President’s Climate Commitment , meaning that as an institution and a community, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Achieving the goal of creating a sustainable campus at NAU requires the help and support of all campus citizens including students, staff, faculty, and the many visitors who come to campus each year.

As a resident in our housing, we hope that you will assist in NAU’s sustainability efforts. We have made checklists of easy habits you can do while living with us under What You Can Do. There are many rewards for taking action. These actions will not only reduce your environmental impact but also will help you feel healthier and probably even save you a little money in the long run! 
Housing and Residence Life’s Commitment

With 21 residential communities housing 7400 students and employing nearly 1000 staff and student employees each year, Housing and Residence Life continually strives to be sustainable in our actions and practices. We seek to increase our staff and students’ understanding of sustainability issues to create communities that are environmentally aware, socially conscious, and fiscally responsible. Wherever possible, we incorporate practices and procedures to minimize our impact and conserve natural resources.

We are committed to:

  • Teaching and role modeling sustainable living behaviors
  • Actively working to reduce our consumption of limited resources, including but not limited to energy and water
  • Developing and implementing programs aimed at sustainability literacy and carbon neutrality

To learn more about how we provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly living environment, visit What We Are Doing.