South Village Policies


South Village Policies

South Village is a community serving multiple types of NAU students including upper-division, graduate, international and those with families. In an effort to provide an environment that encourages a variety of lifestyles to be expressed and yet still maintain the facilities and foster a sense of community, certain policies have been established. By choosing to live in university housing facilities, resident and all household members and or guests agree to abide by all policies while residing in our community:  South Village policies, Standards of Residence, and Student Code of Conduct. 

The South Village Policies are designed to clarify how existing residence hall policies are applied to special communities and to explain policies that have been created specifically for communities which include children. However, please note that each NAU resident and their guests/family members are also responsible for the policies listed above. Please see a staff member in your complex if you have any questions.

1.0 Smoking [See also, Standards of Residence, 1.03.4]

  1. All apartment units are non-smoking.  Smoking and the use of hookah, e-hookah, and e-cigarette devices are not permitted within 25 feet of any residence hall, playground, balconies, picnic tables, or in any public areas (laundry rooms, community rooms, lounges, etc.).

2.0 Guests [See also, Standards of Residence, 1.07]

  1. All guests, at any time, are permitted only with the consent of the roommate(s). Guests are any person (including students) who are not currently assigned to the room or building in which they are present. 
  2. Residents with families:  Guests will be allowed to visit for up to one week.  If a period longer than one week is necessary, a written request must be submitted to the RHD prior to the visit for approval.
  3. Single residents:  Overnight guests are permitted for a maximum stay of 3 nights.  Overnight guests are permitted to stay only if co-tenants have mutually agreed in advance of the visit. 

3.0 Child Supervision

  1. Parents are responsible for the behavior and supervision of their children at all times. If children 8 years old and under are found without proper adult supervision, staff will attempt to locate the parent or caregiver. The parent or caregiver should be prepared to show identification. If the parent or caregiver cannot be located, NAUPD will be contacted. The NAUPD will determine if Child Protective Services (CPS) need to be contacted.
  2. Children 8 years old and under are to have direct, immediate supervision at all times, including on the playground. While children 9-12 years old may not require direct supervision, they must have a parent or a responsible caregiver present in the complex.
  3. Children under 12 years of age are not permitted to provide direct supervision for children less than 6 years of age.

4.0 Grills

  1. Barbecues/flammable liquids – Personal grill use by South Village residents is a privilege. Grills not registered and tagged will be removed. 

5.0 Community Safety

  1. Residents are responsible for the upkeep and condition of the area directly in front of their apartments. These areas are not to be used as storage areas for extra furniture, automobile parts, camper shells, boats, etc. Areas should be kept clean, uncluttered, and weeded.
  2. Residents are liable for accidents involving improperly stored toys, equipment and personal items.
  3. In first floor areas, sidewalks may not be blocked by bikes, toys, lawn furniture, etc.
  4. Storage on balconies cannot impact the width of egress –or exit pathway required by state fire code (which is 36” wide measured from the railing back toward the wall). Any items on the balconies or walkways that infringe on this space will not be allowed. Any items that do not infringe on this space must be 36”or higher or they are a trip hazard.