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Active Programs

Time Management Strand

Goal Setting
One of the main ideas is to set goals, but how often is one reminded of them? This helps visualize those goals and keep track of them. The projects below accompany the goal setting program.

  • Option A: Vision Boards – Make a poster about what your goals are so that you can visualize them frequently.
  • Option B: Accordion Books – This is a zig-zag paged book that can be used to target specific goals for a semester.

What’s the Big Deal about a Syllabus? Syllabi Dissection and Dump
This is a program to help residents get organized with a schedule, and by placing all of the assignments from their syllabi into a time management piece. This also includes a study skills piece, because it explains what a syllabus is and how one can use it to achieve higher grades and levels of success.

Study Skills Strand

University Survival 101
What does it really take to be successful academically at the university level? This workshop will help residents learn what it really takes to do well.

Are you listening? Great ways to take notes
This would go over different note taking skills and strategies. What does it take to really listen and retain what the professor is saying?

Test Taking Strategies
While studying is important, so are the strategies for taking a test. Preparing one’s mind as well as body to get ready and ace that exam!

Stress Management Strand

Get Your Zen On!
Program focused on testing anxiety, and a new method to help relax prior to an exam – drawing.

Squish the Stress Away
Learn about different ways that you are able to relax. Program includes making stress balls to maintain relaxation throughout stressful times.

Programs for Checkout

Programs in a Box

The Amazing Academic Resource Race (Academic Resource Scavenger Hunt)
This gives you a way to get your residents actively engaged in knowing the locations of the various academic resources on campus, by actually going to them and taking a picture. Divide your residents up into teams with equal smartphones in hand and have them tour the campus by foot.

Pyramid of Priorities
Have your residents get started by working on their priorities. How do their priorities effect their time?

Study! Skills Bingo
Who doesn’t enjoy playing a game of Bingo? We have our own version, academic style. Have residents examine Study Skills, Time Management, University Resources, Discipline (or Study Habits) and their own style of studying. A fun and interactive way for residents to be engaged in their own program.

Life’s a Beach: Stress Management Techniques
Do your residents know ways to relax? This program will go over different ways to maximize their academic performance by learning about calming effects on the body.

Card Games

Academic Catch Phrase
Based on the popular game Catch Phrase, this is the NAU Academic Edition.

Stress Management Charades
This can have residents act out their own ideas in regards to Stress Management and Relaxation.

Academic Resources Taboo
Use this quick paced game to try to get the other team to guess the correct word.

Board Games

Academic Resources Monopoly
Play the short version of the classic game adapted to the NAU Academic Resources.

Study Skills Jenga
Don’t let the tower tumble with the invaluable study tips.

Trivia Pursuit
Learn about all aspects of academics through this popular game.

The Game of Life
Are your choices making you academically successful? Try this game of luck and see what could happen on your journey.

Passive Program Content

These programs provide content for Resident Assistants and Student Leaders to use. Decorate as you wish with die cuts and your own creations.

Study Buddies
Prepare your own Study Buddies Program
Effective Note Taking
Great Slides about Effective Note Taking
Dr. Seuss Study Tips
 A fun way to expose residents to great study tips
Finals study tips
This bulletin board gives suggestions for finals study tips.
Motivational Door Dec Quotations
Quotations from different disciplines for door decorations that can be motivating during stressful times.