Residential Learning Communities

Because we know that the transition from high school to college can be challenging, we have created the Residential Learning Community (RLC) program to assist you. By living in an RLC, you benefit from making friends easily and connecting to the campus community quickly. Our RLC’s are organized by major or interest area and fall within each of the 6 Colleges at NAU. Select a College below to discover more information on the RLC’s they sponsor:

  • CAL Landing
    CAL Landing

    College of Arts and Letters

    With majors that focus on humanities, arts, and modern languages, you can become part of an intellectually vibrant community of artists and scholars while you develop professional skills such as analytical thinking, writing, aesthetic, understanding, and problem solving. Residential Learning Communities sponsored by the College include CAL Secondary Education, English "Language Lair", and Pre-Law. 

  • COE Landing
    COE Landing

    College of Education

    Founded as a teacher's college in 1899, NAU remains deeply grounded in its tradition of educational excellence. The College of Education prepares caring, committed teachers and encourages the development of innovative teaching methods. Residential Learning Communities sponsored by the College include the Education House for elementary and secondary education majors. 

  • CEFNS Landing
    CEFNS Landing

    College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences

    Join the next generation of innovators discovering solutions to growing environmental, technological, and scientific challenges through internationally recognized programs that emphasize research and innovation in the science of ecology, engineering, and informatics. Residential Learning Communities sponsored by the college include Biological Sciences, Biomedical Professions/Pre-Med, Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Eco House, Engineering, Forestry "Tree House", Physics and Astronomy, and Secondary Education Math and Science.

  • CHHS Landing
    CHHS Landing

    College of Health and Human Services

    If healthcare is your passion, you can choose from majors that will prepare you to provide health and wellness services for individuals, families, and communities. Residential Learning Communities sponsored by the College include the Health and Human Services communities. 

  • SBS Landing
    SBS Landing

    College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Whether your interests lie in media, public service, social problems, government, world cultures, public policy, sustainability, or communication, you'll have one-of-a-kind opportunities to work with faculty who will help you think critically about local, national, and international issues. Residential Learning Communities sponsored by the College include Communication, Criminology and Criminal Justice, LGBTQAIP+ Studies, Neuroscience, Outdoor Recreation, Psychology, Social Work and Disability Studies, and the Sociology House.

  • FCB Landing
    FCB Landing

    The W.A. Franke College of Business

    With its degrees that focus on management, finance, operations, and marketing, this college provides a collaborative and rigorous professional environment to prepare for a successful future in the global economy. Residential Learning Communities sponsored by the College include Business, Global Business and Economics, and Hotel and Restaurant Management. 

In addition to the Major-Based RLC's sponsored by each college, we also offer Interest-Based Residential Learning Communities, which are open to all majors and provide students an opportunity to participate in the RLC program with students from a variety of colleges. Learn more about Interest-Based Residential Learning Communities.