Outdoor Recreation Learning Community

The Outdoor Recreation Residential Learning Community is open to students in any major with a preference to those students majoring in Parks & Recreation Management.

Join this Learning Community if you want to: 

  • learn about the concepts of "Leave No Trace" outdoor ethics
  • learn about the natural/cultural history of the Coconino Plateau
  • participate in a handful of low-impact, low risk outdoor recreational offerings (e.g. day hikes to the surrounding areas) 


In order to balance the needs of the community, small-scale programs for the group (like faculty dinners, the on-campus Challenge Course, informal advising programs) will be offered that will have minimal or no fees associated with them.

Students interested in participating in large-scale outdoor programs coordinated through NAU Outdoors with the assistance of the mentor may incur additional expenses (e.g. equipment rental, transportation, trained staff).