Leadership Learning Community

Leadership RLC

If you are interested in strengthening your leadership abilities, you may want to consider joining the Leadership Residential Learning Community. Through participation in this RLC, you will learn a variety of leadership principles with other RLC members. You will also have the opportunity to meet a number of leaders on campus and learn why they are leaders in their field. Involvement in the RLC will introduce you to a number of leadership roles within the University. You may wish to compliment your RLC experience during your freshmen year by participation in the 3-day Edge Leadership Experience just before the start of classes in August. Learn more about this experience!

What is a Residential Learning Community?
It is an awesome opportunity to live in a freshman hall with other students (20) who share your academic major or interests. You will be able to attend social and academic programs together, interact with faculty outside of the classroom, and get to know an upper division Community Mentor (student) who shares your major or career path.
Why do I want to participate in an RLC?
Over and over again, we hear from our RLC students that being a part of the RLC program helped them find future friends and experience a smoother transition to college their freshmen year. By participating in an RLC, you will learn about campus resources and become more involved in your university experience. And this involvement has consistently led to RLC students remaining at the university in greater numbers, and more RLC students successfully graduating from the university.
How do I sign up?
Simply select your preferred Residential Learning Community on your online housing application. If you qualify for and are selected to participate in that RLC, we will assist you by placing you within the RLC of your choice in a freshman hall, and matching you with a roommate within that same RLC. That’s it! You can relax knowing your housing space and roommate selection are being taken care of for you.