Roommate Search

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After completing your roommate questionnaire and profile, you can now begin to search for potential roommates. While searching and selecting a roommate is not required at NAU, we offer the following tools in the housing portal to assist you in a roommate search if you prefer to do so.

There are three options to use to search for potential roommates.

Search by Details

To find a roommate you already know, you will need that student’s user ID (i.e. abc123) and correct spelling of his/her last name. The student has to have a completed housing app in the system in order to display in the search results. After entering the student’s information, you will see his/her web screen name and the options to request, view his/her profile or send a message. Click on “Request” to invite that student to be your roommate. Your requested roommate needs to then log into the portal to accept or decline your request. 

Roommate Search by Details

Browse Matching Roommates

Based on your responses to all of the lifestyle profile questions, the system will display your overall best-matched potential roommates. The percentage listed next to each student’s web screen name shows you how well matched you are, so the higher the percentage the better potential match. Click on View Profile under the web screen names to review each student’s answers to the lifestyle profile questions. If you find someone you’d like to request to be your roommate, click on Request under that person’s web screen name.

Roommate Search - Browse Matching

Search by Profile

Using this tool, you can search for potential roommates by one or more selected lifestyle profile questions. For example if you want to find other students who typically keep their room very neat and clean, you can select the “cleanliness” question, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Search to view roommates who answered that question the same way as you. Click on View Profile under the web screen names to review each student’s answers to all lifestyle profile questions. If you find someone you’d like to request to be your roommate, click on Request under that person’s web screen name.

Roommate Search by Profile

Roommate requests must be accepted in order to be pulled into a room during room selection. You will be able to select a room for you and your accepted roommate(s) based on space availability during your assigned room selection time. The roommate with the earliest time should place the other roommate.

Residential Learning Community (RLC) participants – please note that if you have requested and been accepted into a Residential Learning Community, you will not see the Roommate Search/Selection step. Your roommate questionnaire will be used to match and place you with a roommate in the RLC.

Deciding to live with someone you know or choosing someone new

There are pros and cons to both living with someone you already know and living with someone new to you. Some thoughts to consider while weighing your options are shared below. Either way you decide, the main key is to continue to communicate with your potential roommate before choosing your room, preparing for your arrival, and moving in together.

Should I live with my friend?
Friends can be great roommates as long as you really know and are okay with how they live. Having your friend as a roommate may be the choice for you because you already know that you like this person and that you have common interests. Living with your friend may also make being away from home a lot easier. However, if you are easily irritated by your friend's habits, you should realize that their way of doing things would just magnify once you live together. Maybe your friend loves to shop and has a ton of clothes that she lets you borrow, but imagine having those dirty clothes thrown all over your dorm room. Or what if you and your friend enjoy the same music, but he doesn't turn down the stereo when you are trying to study? You need to decide if living together is worth the possible risk of losing a friend. Also consider your comfort zone – you may stay in your comfort zone by spending most of your time with your roommate, and may not meet as many new friends that you may have otherwise.
Should I live with someone new?
Like living with a friend, having a stranger for a roommate has its pros and cons as well. If you have disagreements, you don't have to worry about them damaging a long-term friendship. Another pro to living with a stranger is that you can meet someone new and hopefully establish additional friendships. On the other hand, having a stranger for a roommate may cause you to be less forgiving about the little things which can cause conflict. What if the two of you are complete opposites? It’s important to spend the time getting to know your new roommate prior to deciding.