Once you Arrive

parents with student in elevator for move in

Smile and have fun. Once move-in day arrives, it's important to have a positive attitude and focus on enjoying the day. People who smile and are friendly are much more approachable than those who appear irritated. Even if you encounter some bumps while moving in, try to smile your way through the day. This simple step should help ease any nerves or tension between you and your roommate on the big day. 

Set up your room together. Discuss the best placement for furniture. Work together to hang posters, pictures and other decorations. Helping each other while creating a comfortable living space will help break the ice and make for a fun move-in day. 

Explore the campus together. Your new roommate is in the same boat as you. Both of you are just starting college and everything is new! Invite your roommate to walk around the residence hall with you to meet new people. Grab something to eat at the Union. Check out the Welcome Week activities happening on campus. Check in with your RA about what is happening that week. Experiencing things together that first week will help to enhance your roommate relationship and create great college memories.