Residential Colleges

As a freshman, you’ll live in a Residential College which is aligned with your academic college at NAU. Living with others who share similar majors or career interests provides an engaging opportunity to establish valuable connections and friendships . Residential Colleges feature programs, events, amenities and academic resources tailored to your major. Benefits of living in a Residential College include:

  • Supportive and engaging community making it easy to meet other students and new friends
  • Convenient proximity to classes, dining and campus resources
  • Residential staff focused on your transition and helping you to build a strong foundation for the next four years
  • Faculty connections, in-hall academic support, and access to 24/7 computer labs and study areas
  • Higher rates of continuing on to your sophomore year and graduation

You will have the opportunity to search for roommates and select your room in your Residential College. Specific residence halls will be associated with each Residential College. 

Residential Colleges Housing Chart

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