Discounted Triple Room Guide

How is a triple room set up?

The triple rooms house three students in a room traditionally assigned to two students. There are three beds placed in each double occupancy room—one set of bunk beds and one loft.

The loft is raised above a desk and dresser. Each student has a bed, desk, and set of 3 drawers. Students in Allen, Cowden, Wilson and Tinsley will have individual wardrobe closets and Reilly, McConnell and Sechrist students share two closets. 

View sample discounted triple room photos to get an idea of how you might set up your room.

In what halls are triple rooms located?
Triple rooms are located in all Freshman Connections halls.
What are the savings for being in a triple room?
The triple room offers a $1000 discount on the academic year rate for that hall. The $1000 discount will be reflected as $500 off fall rent and $500 off spring rent.
If I am assigned to a triple room, is it for the full year?
We are assigning triple rooms for the entire academic year. If space becomes available later in the year, and you move to a traditional double room, your rent will be adjusted back to the traditional rate for that hall and prorated.
How can I select a discounted triple room?

If you apply and make your housing rent confirmation payment by May 15, you will be assigned a date and time when you can log into the housing portal to select your hall and room.

Room selection dates are assigned by date of application, so the earlier you apply for housing, the greater number of housing options you will have, including the discounted triple rooms.

If you apply after May 15, your housing rent confirmation payment is due seven days from your date of housing application. Once you pay your housing rent confirmation, you will be assigned a room selection time.

What happens if one of my roommates moves out?
If one of your roommates moves out, your room will still be considered a discounted triple room. All furniture will remain in the room and a new roommate may be assigned to your room. While assigned to the triple room, you will continue to pay the reduced rent rate. However, if space later permits we may offer you the choice to pay the traditional double occupancy rate and not be assigned a new third roommate.
Tips for a Positive Roommate Experience

The quality of your roommate and living experience is directly related to the relationships you build with your roommates. Whether you have one roommate or two - if you have good relationships you will have an enjoyable living experience. Building these relationships requires effort from everyone, but this effort is very often rewarded with positive and long-lasting relationships. As with any shared living situation, there will definitely be compromises, but if you work together you’ll be more likely to have a pleasant experience.

It is very important to make your best effort to keep open communication with your roommates. To get your relationship off to a great start it is important to communicate with them now. You can find their NAU e-mail addresses when you log into the housing portal and go to the “Application Status” step. Click “View Profile” to see their e-mail addresses.

When you get settled into your room, your Resident Assistant (RA) will provide you with a Roommate Agreement form for each roommate to complete. This form can be revisited at anytime if necessary. Living with anyone new requires cooperation and compromise. As with any roommate relationship, conflicts sometimes occur. We encourage you to openly communicate when potential issues come up, as most often conflicts that arise in roommate relationships are due to a lack of communication. We’ve included some roommate and triple tips in this guide to help you get started.

Tips from our students who lived in a discounted triple
  • Complete the Roommate Agreement Form; make sure you talk about things like: what’s okay to borrow, how late friends/family should be calling the room, guests, and the SNOOZE button!
  • Be considerate of both roommates when entertaining friends.
  • Be considerate of each other’s studying, sleeping, and leisure hours.
  • Ask before borrowing your roommates’ belongings.
  • Be open to talking about a problem a roommate may have with you.
  • Don’t rely on your roommates to be your best friends. Get out and get involved in campus life and meet as many people as you can!
  • Communicate with your Resident Assistant (RA) if any problems arise. RAs are there for you to utilize and will bring a neutral perspective in helping any roommate conflicts.
Tips for Triple Room Success
  • If travel permits, try to leave the least essential items at home for now. Bring what you need for one season at a time (you won’t need your snowboard or winter clothes in August!)
  • Be sure to contact your roommates prior now to introduce yourself and to discuss who is bringing what for the room (TV, microwave, gaming system, etc.) to avoid duplication. 
  • Coordinate when you will arrive on campus with your roommates and talk to each other before completely unpacking and arranging the room – make rooming decisions together.
  • Get creative with your space – here are some suggestions used by other students:
    • Bring storage drawers or boxes that fit under the bunk bed
    • Use shelving units or stacking bins to use vertical space 
    • Make use of all flat surfaces (tops of desks, dressers, refrigerator, etc.) 
    • Hang a shoe or sweater organizer in the closet to fit more items 
  • Communicate with your roommates! Respect differences and be open about concerns with your roommates – talk to them directly about issues as they come up. Don’t keep things inside and let them build up. Utilize the Roommate Agreement. 
  • Get to know your Resident Assistant (RA); they can help you adjust to college, find activities to get involved with, and help you address concerns.
  • Go into the experience with a positive attitude and you’ll have a positive experience. Have fun! You have not one, but two people with whom you can study and socialize… make the most of it!