Summer School Residence Hall Housing Contractual Conditions

1. Conditions of contract

a) This is a binding agreement between Northern Arizona University, the Office of Residence Life, and the student.
b) In order to live in campus housing during the summer, the student is required to be registered for summer session classes or pre-registered for the fall semester. Students withdrawing from the university are eligible for a prorated refund of their rent. The contracted resident agrees to pay the university those charges as prescribed by the Arizona State Board of Regents for rent owed according to the terms of this contract.
c) In family residence areas, the Office of Residence Life must be informed if a member of the family other than the contracted resident is fulfilling the academic requirement.
d) This contract is not transferable to any other persons, organization, or department of Northern Arizona University. Subletting agreements of any kind are not permitted. 
e) Only members of the immediate family (husband, wife, and dependent children under 18 years of age) may live in the family housing unit. There is a maximum occupancy of five persons to a two bedroom apartment, and a two persons to a one bedroom apartment.  
f) A student’s spouse and/or children must reside with the student at all times in order for the student to be eligible for Northern Arizona University family communities.
g) Parents are directly responsible for supervision of their children in or around the university premises.
h) Accounts with a past due balance are subject to applicable late fees per university guidelines. Detailed information related to late fees and collection costs can be found through Student and Departmental Account Services. 
i) A student’s residence hall contract may be terminated upon that student’s failure to complete rent payments when due.

2. Application requirements

a) Applicable signatures and a $25 nonrefundable application fee must accompany this application/contract in order to be considered complete (excluding current residents).
b) No deposit is required.

3. Rent payments

a) Rent is payable in full by the date of check-in. Failure to make any payment when due may result in immediate termination of this contract by the university.
b) All housing charges are posted to the student’s LOUIE account. Payment must be made through Student and Departmental Account Services. 
c) Financial aid recipients may have their first summer session rent automatically deducted.
d) Summer session housing will only be pro-rated if the published dates of all your registered classes differ from the published summer session class dates.

4. Conditions of residence

a) Room selection is based on space availability. This contract is for space only and the university reserves the right to make changes in room assignments when the deems it necessary.
b) Room and/or hall assignment may be denied, changed, or cancelled by the university in the interest of health, safety, discipline, or maximum use of space.
c) Room and hall transfers: A transfer process exists for students who wish to make room or hall transfers during the contract period. Information is available through the Office of Residence Life or your Residence Hall Director.
d) Periods of occupancy: Each resident must check out of the residence hall with an authorized staff member on the last day of his or her contract period or within twenty-four hours of his or her last final examination, whichever comes first. The residence halls will close at 10am the day following the last exams for any academic term. Dates of occupancy may vary to accommodate changes in the academic calendar of the university.
e) Residence entry: The university reserves the right to enter rooms to inspect for health, maintenance, repair, or safety purposes.
f) Health and safety: For reasons of health and safety, pets, candles, incense, explosives, weapons, halogen lamps, water furnishings, and some appliances are not permitted in student living units. Cooking is not permitted in traditional residence hall rooms. Students are responsible for abiding by university fire and safety regulations. Residence halls may have asbestos containing materials which should not be disturbed. For more information, contact the Office of Safety and Environmental Services at 928-523-6435.
g) Personal damage: Each resident is responsible for keeping his or her residence clean and for preventing damage beyond reasonable wear. Damage charges will be billed to the resident when damage occurs or after the resident checks out of his or her residence.
h) Rules and regulations: The resident agrees to be bound by the rules and regulations as printed in the Standards of Residence, the University Code of Conduct, and the Residence Hall Conduct Handbook. Any information printed herein supersedes other printed publications.
i) Personal property: The university will not assume responsibility for the loss or damage of personal property of residents. Students are encouraged to obtain renter insurance.

5. Fall August downtime housing

a) Fall August Downtime housing is provided as a service to eligible students only who require housing from the end of the second five week summer session (August 8) to the beginning of the fall semester (August 23).
b) Fall August Downtime housing is only available to students who have contracted to live on campus for the second five week summer session and the fall semester. Additional rent charges apply and are for the entire Fall August Downtime, regardless of actual days stayed. Family summer residents are not eligible.
c) Fall August Downtime housing residents must properly checkout of their summer assignment and check-in to their fall housing assignment on the designated date and times. If you are unable to move at this time, you are not eligible for Fall August Downtime.
d) During the Fall August Downtime, on campus services are limited. This may include residence hall desk hours, dining services, etc.
e) If you no longer need Fall August Downtime housing and fail to cancel this agreement with the Office of Residence Life by 4:30 p.m. on August 8, 2012, you will remain responsible for the rent charge.

6. Cancellation of reservation

a) Students wishing to cancel their housing must formally cancel their contract prior to the first day of the contract period, which is the published opening day of the residence halls. 
b) The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to use space not claimed by 4:30 p.m. on the first day of classes.
c) Students arriving later than the first day of class must contact the Office of Residence Life.

7. Contract period

a) This residence hall contract is in effect for the full contract periods as specified on each resident’s individual contract.

Rent payment


Student and Departmental Account Services
PO Box 4096
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4096


Log in to LOUIE to pay online.


(928) 523-1122