Future Housing Options for Current Residents

Housing Priorities

NAU supports the transition to college by guaranteeing on-campus housing for incoming freshmen.  Following the freshman year, housing priorities are then determined by semesters of enrollment as of, and including the current spring semester.  Only fall and spring semesters of enrollment are considered.

  • "rising sophomore" = one to two semesters of enrollment
  • "rising junior/senior" = more than two semesters of enrollment

Determining semesters of enrollment
  • if you entered NAU as a new freshman: every fall and spring semester you were enrolled in classes at NAU as of the third week of the semester
  • if you entered NAU as a transfer student: every fall and spring semester enrolled at NAU + number of "estimated transfer semesters" (total transfer credit hours divided by 15 with standard rounding rules)

View detailed information below based on your standing.