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  • leaping lizard ag
    How Salamanders Become AirborneResearch News | 1/8/2014

    By Elizabeth Pennisi, staff writer for ScienceSalamanders aren't known for their power thighs. Yet some can put the best basketball players to shame, leaping six to...

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  • yordy and snell ag
    Relating Business Ethics to the Real WorldFeatured Story | 10/22/2013

    When Eric Yordy, Associate Dean of The W. A. Franke College of  Business, decided to create an internship through NAU’s Interns-to-Scholars (I2S) program in spring of...

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  • bats and fires ag
    Grad Student Erin Saunders Studies Effects of Fires on BatsResearch Video | 10/2/2013

    Grad Student Erin Saunders Studies Effects of Fires on Bats...

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  • interior design ag
    Interior Design Solutions for the Elderly; Clients with ADHDFeatured Story | 7/31/2013

    Jessica Walsh, a 2013 NAU graduate with a degree in interior design and a minor in merchandising, presented her final capstone project entitled “Creative Healing at Any...

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  • voice id ag
    NAU Professors Fine-tune Forensic Voice ID AnalysisFeatured Story | 7/18/2013

    “Would you like a soda?” “No, thank you. I’ll take a pop though.”These variations in American dialect might seem trivial to the casual observer, but to the...

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  • creager ag
    Ancient Globalization in PeruFeatured Story | 6/17/2013

    Erica Creager is a junior at Northern Arizona University (NAU) majoring in anthropology. She presented her poster, “Stable Isotopic Evidence of Ancient Globalization...

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  • eco gas ag
    Peak PerformanceWorth 1000 Words | 6/12/2013

    UNDERGRADUATE SYMPOSIUM 2013 During the recent Shell Eco-Marathon in Houston, NAU’s gas-powered car—aptly named Peak Performance—completed five successful runs around the...

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  • az innocence project
    Arizona Innocence Project Research at NAU May Help Clear a Convicted Man’s NameResearch News | 5/13/2013

    Thanks to research by the Arizona Innocence Project at Northern Arizona University (NAU), a Prescott man has a chance to clear his name after spending nine years in...

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  • baglady 145
    Baglady TrousseauWorth 1000 Words | 5/7/2013

    UNDERGRADUATE SYMPOSIUM 2013 When it came time for her senior capstone project, theater major and costume designer Kimberly Speer decided to design a dress out of recycled...

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  • The Student Microbiome Project ag
    The Student Microbiome ProjectFeatured Story | 5/6/2013

    “You may or may not know, but there are 10 times as many bacterial cells that live in your body as there are human cells,” says Greg Caporaso, Assistant Professor in...

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