Research activites

The Research Greenhouse has been an active partner in Northern Arizona University research projects over the past 20 years.

We are proud of our partnerships with public and non-profit organizations in their research activities. The Research Greenhouse supports research in all levels of study.  

Current research projects

Research projects we are supporting include:

  • a seed bank emergence study to determine the effectiveness of different treatments to reestablish native species in the wake of the Kolob Fire at Zion National Park, and to reduce the spread of invasive species
  • a study of the effects on nurse plants on the establishment and growth of Pinyon Pine in Northern Arizona
  • a soil-types study of on the germination ability of Abronia alpina, a threatened alpine plant of the Sierra Nevada
  • identifying introgressing loci that affect host plant (Populus) susceptibility to a keystone herbivore, Pemphigus betae; the goal of this project is to identify potential genetic mechanisms that contribute to community organization
  • a study to determine how offspring Populus plants resemble their parents, especially the insect communities that live on the plants; the study specifically explores if offspring plants support similar insect communities to their parents
  • a study that isotopically labels leaves of Populus genotypes to track how carbon and nitrogen move through the aquatic food web, from leaves to insects to fish; results from the work could provide important information to assist in riparian restoration throughout the Southwest