2012 Research and Creative Activity (RCA) Award Recipients

Okim Kang

Most Promising New Scholar

Okim Kang

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Dr. Okim’s work focuses on applied linguistics, specifically for her innovative work in the areas of spoken language assessment for teaching and learning English as a second language and the acquisition of English language skills for non-native speakers.


Most Significant Artistic/Creative Work

Ricardo Guthrie for “The Historic Southside Mural at the Murdoch Center”

Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies Program

Dr. Guthrie’s historic mural in Flagstaff represents a visual history of African Americans of significance to the city. Guthrie has received widespread recognition for the project and presented a research paper on the creation of the mural in Liverpool, England, in July.

E Cope

Most Promising Graduate Student Researcher

Emily Cope

PhD, Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Cope, who earned her degree in May from NAU, received the award for her work to elucidate polymicrobial disease processes and virulence, and for demonstrating extraordinary academic achievement and scientific talent.


Most Promising Undergraduate Student Researcher

Jai Rideout

BS, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Rideout, who earned his degree from NAU in May, demonstrated extreme promise and productivity as a student researcher in bioinformatics, which included contributions to three peer-reviewed publications as well as considerable contributions to two open-source bioinformatics software packages.