NAU Health Research Initiatives (HRI)

Northern Arizona University’s Health Research Initiatives (HRI) supports NAU's research efforts targeted at biomedical, translational and community health research in Northern Arizona and across the state. HRI has two main components. The first is a broad array of support services for NAU researchers and their research partners targeted at developing projects that can generate extramural funding. The second component is the formal development of regional and state level research partnerships focused on the broad goals and objectives of NAU’s Health Research Initiatives.

The goal of NAU’s Health Research Initiatives is to support and expand existing health research efforts at NAU and throughout the Northern Arizona region and to position NAU as a regional anchor for the northern end of Arizona’s biomedical corridor. 

  • Research - Projects in development under HRI include the broad areas of translational research, community-based healthcare research,precision and personalized medicine. Current HRI-related projects include infectious disease control, care management for cardiologic health, behavioral health, community based participatory research (CBPR), cancer prevention, exercise physiology, developmental disabilities, telemedicine, health promotion,and partnership-based clinical research for the diverse populations of Arizona. HRI provides a focal point for NAU's role in the Arizona Biosciences Roadmap (Flinn Foundation).
  • Partnerships –  NAU is developing and maintaining formal and informal partnerships with both clinical and public health institutions in Northern Arizona, in order to significantly extend NAU’s research opportunities in the areas of clinical science, population health, precision medicine, and public health. THRIVE (Translational Health Research InitiatiVE) is a formal research development partnership between Northern Arizona Health Care (NAH) and Northern Arizona University (NAU). The North-Country Health Care/NAU Partnership is a formal partnership focused on reducing health disparities and significantly improving public health and patient oriented health care delivery in Northern Arizona.

Northern Arizona University’s HRI resources include:

The Health Research Initiatives Mini-Grants are intended to provide funding to support collection and/or analysis of preliminary data, and other activities that lead to the revision and resubmission of an extramural grant proposal.

For further information contact:
Diane Stearns, Ph.D
Phone: (928) 523-4460