Review of FGP Applications

Evaluation Criteria

Please see the FGP Evaluation Rubric to view the criteria used in the proposal review process. For a complete guide to preparing the FGP application, see FGP Application Guidelines

Review Committee 

The FGP Review Committee is comprised of three faculty members from each college, one member from Cline Library, and one member from the University College. Staff members from the Office of the Vice President for Research organize and facilitate the review meetings, but do not rate, rank, or score proposals. For a current listing of the FGP Review Committee Members, see Current FGP Review Committee

Review Process 

The FGP Review Committee members attend an orientation in which the program guidelines and criteria for evaluating proposals are discussed. Each reviewer is assigned a certain number of proposals for review, depending on the applicant pool. Proposals are evaluated according to the FGP Evaluation Rubric. Reviewers fill out a proposal review sheet, which includes written comments and scores for all of the assigned proposals. Each proposal receives three reviews. The proposal review sheets are provided to the applicant with the final funding decision at the end of the process. The reviews are discussed at a full committee meeting, where a final score is agreed upon and tallied. Final funding decisions are announced on or before February 1.