Environment & Sustainability

  • Beier ag
    Paul Beier: Leading International Conservation Efforts Research Profiles | 12/17/2012

    Paul Beier, PhDProfessor, Conservation Biology and Wildlife EcologyCollege of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural SciencesWildlife corridors are saving populations of...

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  • downard ag
    NAU Faculty Awarded NSF Grant in Ethics Education Research News | 12/17/2012

    Northern Arizona University (NAU) Associate Professor of Philosophy Jeffrey Downard is the principal investigator of a multidisciplinary project that has been funded by...

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  • Burning Necessity ag
    Controlled Forest FiresWorth 1000 Words | 12/4/2012

    Prescribed fires are a necessary part of a healthy forest. Forest thinning and controlled burns help prevent catastrophic wild fires. From a distance, the smoke from these...

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  • rice ag
    Research Links Rice Agriculture to Global WarmingResearch News | 11/19/2012

    More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and rising temperatures are causing rice agriculture to become a larger source of the potent greenhouse gas methane, new research...

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  • wind turbine ag
    Student Green Fund helps bring wind turbine to NAUResearch Video | 11/14/2012

    Wind Turbine at NAU...

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  • Gremillion ag
    Paul Gremillion: Engineering in a Global SettingResearch Profiles | 11/13/2012

    Paul Gremillion, PhD Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental EngineeringCollege of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences  Sabbaticals can be more than time away;...

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  • mud ag
    Mules, mud, and scienceResearch Video | 11/5/2012


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  • Posterity plant ag
    Dried Penstemon pseduospectabilisWorth 1000 Words | 10/26/2012

    This dried Penstemon pseudospectabilis is part of NAU’S Colorado Plateau Biodiversity Center (CPBC). The CPBC is dedicated to the documentation and conservation of...

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  • Biodiversity and the carbon cycle2
    NAU, TGen Awarded $2 Million To Study Biodiversity Link to Carbon CycleResearch News | 10/26/2012

    Potential connections between the biodiversity of soil microorganisms and the carbon cycle will be studied by Northern Arizona University (NAU) and the Translational...

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  • Bat discovery
    Professor Chambers Leads Nicaraguan Bat Expedition--And Discovers Rare BatResearch News | 10/19/2012

    Carol Chambers, Professor of Wildlife Ecology in Northern Arizona University’s (NAU’s) School of Forestry, is passionate about protecting bats. This year she organized a...

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