Environment & Sustainability

  • aspens ag
    Aspen DeclineResearch Video | 6/30/2014

    Aspen Decline...

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  • Chemicals, The Environment and You ag
    Chemicals, The Environment, and YouResearch Video | 6/23/2014

    Chemicals, The Environment, and You...

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  • owls and forests ag
    NAU Graduate Student Studies Connection Between Saving Owls and Thinning Forests Research Video | 6/12/2014

    Owls, Forest Treatments, and Tribes...

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  • wind turbine competition ag
    NAU Students Prepare for Wind Turbine CompetitionResearch Video | 4/24/2014

    NAU Students Prepare for Wind Turbine Competition...

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  • alaska coring begins ag
    NAU Research Team Coring an Arctic Lake: 4 hours in 4 minutesResearch Video | 4/9/2014

    NAU Researchers Core an Arctic Lake: 4 hours in 4 minutes...

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  • Darrell Kaufman ag
    Darrell Kaufman: Taking the Long View of Climate ChangeResearch Profiles | 3/25/2014

    Regents’ ProfessorSchool of Earth Sciences and Environmental SustainabilityDirector, NAU Amino Acid Geochronology LaboratoryCo-editor, Quaternary GeochronologyDarrell...

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  • white nose ag
    NAU Scientists Research How to Stop White Nose SydromeResearch Video | 1/8/2014

    Battling White Nose Syndrome...

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  • Alaska ag
    Coring at an Arctic LakeWorth 1000 Words | 1/7/2014

    This vast snowy landscape is located on the north slope of Alaska’s Brooks Range, far north of the Arctic Circle. Camp was set up at the edge of the snowy runway, still...

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  • bats and fires ag
    Grad Student Erin Saunders Studies Effects of Fires on BatsResearch Video | 10/2/2013

    Grad Student Erin Saunders Studies Effects of Fires on Bats...

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  • wetlands ag
    Restoring Arizona wetlandsResearch Video | 8/13/2013

    Restoring Arizona wetlands...

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