Engineering & Technology

  • Acker 145
    Tom Acker: Harnessing Wind EnergyResearch Profiles | 8/2/2012

    Tom Acker, PhDProfessor, Mechanical EngineeringCollege of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural SciencesNorthern Arizona University is among the world's leading research...

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  • Clean-Powered Cars 145
    NAU engineering students design and build a clean-powered car Research Video | 7/24/2012

    Powering an electric car...

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  • fire agg
    Students Design Stove to Combat Carbon MonoxideResearch News | 4/14/2011

    Nearly two million people worldwide die each year from using “cook-stoves” that incompletely burn fuels, resulting in soot and carbon monoxide poisoning for those living...

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