Respiratory Protection

Respirators can be an effective tool in protecting employees from exposure to airborne physical, biological, or chemical agents, but should only be used when other controls are infeasible.  Administrative or engineering controls, such as substituting work materials with a less toxic option or installing local exhaust ventilation systems should be considered before assigning respiratory protection. If other methods/controls cannot be implemented, then respiratory protection may be warranted. 

If you are uncertain whether a respirator is required, contact the NAU Industrial Hygienist to request a workplace assessment. If the need for a respirator is identified, employees must complete the following process with their supervisor PRIOR to respirator use to ensure compliance with OSHA protocol and the components of the NAU Respiratory Protection Program:

1.     Print the Respiratory Protection Processing Form and complete Part 1 of that form. 

2.     Ask your Supervisor to complete Part 2 of the form, which will specify the respiratory hazard, estimated concentration, work environment, and specific type of respirator proposed to be worn during your work activities.

3.     Schedule a medical evaluation with Campus Health Services.  Print and complete the appropriate sections of the MedicalQuestionnaire and take it with you to your appointment. 

4.     Contact EH&S for respirator fit testing and training.

5.     Have your Supervisor complete Part 4 of the Processing form.