Conflict of Interest

The Research Division is profoundly aware of the increasing burden of new regulations and other administrative requirements on faculty and staff workloads even as we work to develop policies that provide a reasonable expectation that sponsored projects will be free from bias or personal gain resulting from financial conflicts of interest. We are working to balance these demands by reducing unnecessary administrative requirements wherever possible, and by designing clear procedures that facilitate compliance. We believe we are making progress in achieving this goal, and welcome your suggestions for further improvements.

All investigators have an obligation to become familiar with, and abide by the provisions of the COISP policy and (if applicable) the Addendum: Promoting Objectivity in Research for which PHS Funding is Sought. Investigators who are submitting to any external sponsor except PHS awarding agencies (including for example, NIH) must complete only the NAU e-CERT program (CERT Course). Investigators who are submitting to PHS awarding agencies (including, for example, NIH) must complete both the NAU e-CERT program (CERT Course) and one of the following training programs: Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) FCOI modules or the NIH Conflict of Interest Tutorial

Questions relating to the NAU implementation of the PHS Regulations, and requests for information under the Regulations, may be directed to Michael Nichols, Associate Vice President for Research for Sponsored Projects, Office of Sponsored Projects.