Biological Sciences Annex rates and fees

July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Per diem rates (cage per day) for internal customers

AnimalCage RateHusbandry RateTotal Rate
SPF Mice$1.47$.42$1.89
SPF Rats$1.47$.42$1.89
Fish/ Amphibians$1.67$.51$2.18

Per diem rates (cage per day) for external customers

Animal     Cage RateHusbandry RateTotal Rate
SPF Mice$2.21$.63$2.84
SPF Rats$2.21$.63$2.84
Fish/ Amphibians$2.50$.78$3.28

Cage rate:  Per diems are calculated based on the activities associated with the cage and environment. These activities include but are not limited to: 

  • sanitizing rooms
  • cage washing
  • cage purchasing costs
  • cage component costs
  • bedding
  • food
  • substrate
  • enrichment and depreciation of cage washing equipment

Husbandry rate:  Per diems are calculated based on activities involved in the care and maintenance of animals. These activities include:

  • observation
  • feeding
  • watering
  • record keeping
  • census taking
  • cage changing and set-up

Rates are based on one cage per day.  The maximum number of animals housed per cage is based on allowable densities as determined by the Animal Welfare Act and Regulations, The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and recommendations by the Institutional Veterinarian and Animal Care Manager. Any deviations from the standards set by USDA and OLAW must be scientifically justified and approved by the Northern Arizona University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

If animal husbandry is performed by someone other than Annex staff (excluding rodent rooms), this will only incur a cage rate cost. If Annex staff performs husbandry for animals then the total rate (cage rate plus husbandry rate) will be charged.

Technical services: Technical services are provided to users by either the attending veterinarian or facility manager. These services include:

  • training
  • surgery
  • technical manipulations such as:
  • injections
  • blood draws
  • gastric intubation
  • restraint
  • euthanasia
  • ordering of animals
  • ordering of non-animal specialty supplies
  • imaging
  • histology
  • pathology
  • assistance with protocol preparation (external users only)
  • sterilization services
  • set-up or break-down of use areas (surgical, etc.)
  • veterinary care

These rates are charged in 15-minute increments with a 15-minute minimum. Rates for these services are as follows:

Veterinarian technical servicesInternalExternal
$12.66/15 min
$18.38/15 min


Manager technical servicesInternalExternal
$11.47/15 min
$16.53/15 min

Use of space fees: Under certain circumstances a use of space fee may be charged to BSA users. If an investigator is storing supplies at the BSA but does not have an active animal project, they will be charged for space used. Investigators may also rent space (if available) for projects in which regular fees do not apply (see Animal Care Manager for details).

BSA use of space fee: .019 cents per square foot per day.

ACL use of space fee: .018 cents per square foot per day.

IACUC fees (external customers only): The cost for IACUC review and approval of a vertebrate animal protocol is $941. This fee includes the review, approval and management of the protocol for its 3 year maximum lifespan.

BSA Service Fees


Anesthesia machine use fee


Technician fee

$19.46/hr. or $4.87/15 min

Euthanasia fee


Euthanasia - CO2 , MS-222, injectable (agent cost)


Please contact the facility manager at 928-523-1330 for questions about these rates or if you need rates for species not listed above.