Certification and training for animal users

All new animal users and protocol personnel, including the principal investigator, must:

Animal users who are renewing their certification (certification expires every three years) must complete: Working with the IACUC: Investigators, Staff and Students- Basic Course 

See more information about training courses.

The Biological Sciences Annex (BSA) offers training for personnel who have completed the IACUC Certification Test and Health Questionnaire. For personnel who need access to the BSA, occupational health, security, and general facility/IACUC policy training is required. All other training courses are project specific and are offered as needed:

  • Occupational Health (Including zoonotic risks)
  • Security training
  • CITI species specific courses (Mice, Rats, Amphibians, Fish, Wildlife, Swine)
  • I - General facility/IACUC policy
  • Ia - Mouse
  • Ib - Rat
  • Ic - Frog
  • IIa - Injections
  • IIb - Blood collection techniques
  • IIc - Ear or Web marking techniques
  • IId - Oral gavage (Koken rat)
  • IIIa - Anesthesia administration
  • IIIb - Guidelines on Euthanasia
  • IIIc - Oral gavage (gastric intubation)