Peak Performance


During the recent Shell Eco-Marathon in Houston, NAU’s gas-powered car—aptly named Peak Performance—completed five successful runs around the track, each one clocking in at higher mileage per gallon: 360, 436, 439, 479, and 507 miles per gallon.  According to the undergraduate engineering students who went to the competition and reported their findings at the Undergraduate Symposium 2013, they made improvements each time by adjusting the engine and changing the driving style. The team finished 18 out of 31 participants in the “prototype” category.

The team also met its four goals of

  • Achieving high fuel efficiency
  • Creating a hyper-light vehicle
  • Holding up to 250 pounds in weight for driver and gear and
  • Withstanding moderate collisions without injuring the driver.

 NAU’s electric car, which was also entered in the competition, successfully completed the technical inspection and one lap around the track.

  --Photos: NAU IDEA Lab, Monica Saaty 

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