Baglady Trousseau


When it came time for her senior capstone project, theater major and costume designer Kimberly Speer decided to design a dress out of recycled materials. She chose plastic bags. As her poster board pointed out, every year the United States uses 100 billion plastic shopping bags, made from 12 million barrels of oil, and only one to two percent are recycled. The rest go into landfills and the ocean, and often they harm or kill animals by either wrapping themselves around them or being ingested. To draw attention to the problem and to challenge others to think creatively about plastic-bag reuse, Speer designed a wedding dress, jewelry, and headpiece. She used 200 Wal-Mart shopping bags for the project. The dress is made of single sheets of plastic and fused panels, created by ironing six layers of plastic bags together, sandwiched between paper. Speer also used hot glue, thread, ribbon, and stitching. She even cut stars out of the bags to create a waistband and made yarn from the plastic bags for the back of the dress.  --Photos: NAU IDEA Lab, Monica Saaty 

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