Applying for Graduation

Application Instructions

Apply for Graduation

Graduate students must follow the Graduate College instructions for graduation.

You can apply for graduation by logging into your LOUIE Student Center. The following provides a step-by-step guide on how to apply for graduation online.

Step 1: Check when to apply

Students are typically eligible to graduate when they fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have completed 90 credit units
  • And/Or Senior status
  • Have met with your advisor regarding graduation

You should apply the term before your anticipated graduation term. For example:

  • If you plan to graduate in the Spring or Summer term, you need to apply during the prior Fall term.
  • If you plan to graduate in the Fall or Winter term, you need to apply during the prior Spring term.

It is recommended you complete the application by the priority date to avoid any unanticipated problems that could delay your graduation.

If you are completing your degree in…Your priority date to apply
Fall or WinterMay 1st
Spring or SummerDecember 1st

If the term you want to graduate in isn't listed in the application, you may need to wait until the term prior to apply.

Note: Graduate students have a different graduation deadline. See Applying for Graduation – Graduate Students for more details.

Step 2: Log into LOUIE and begin the application process
  1. Log into your LOUIE Student Center.
  2. In the drop down box, choose "Apply for Graduation" and click on the double arrows.
  3. Grad App Step 1-1

  4. Read all of the important information on the following page.
  5. Review your degree information and if everything is correct, click on "Apply for Graduation."
  6. Grad App Step 1-2

Step 3: Verify your personal information
  1. Select the term you will apply for graduation in the "Expected Graduation Term" drop-down box.
  2. Grad App Step 2-1

  3. Verify your name. It will be printed exactly as it appears below. Please note the spelling, format, and capital/lower case letters.
  4. If you change your name within the online application this does not change your legal name or the name listed on your official transcripts.
  5. If you need to make a legal name change and / or need the name on your official transcript and diploma to be an exact match, you will need to file a Name Change form with the Office of the Registrar before your degree conferral date. 

    Changes submitted by the application deadline will be reflected in the commencement program. If submitted after the deadline, changes will only be reflected on your diploma. 


    If your diploma name is incorrect or not the way you desire, and you have not submitted the appropriate paperwork to make the correction before diplomas are mailed, any replacement diploma will be mailed at the student's expense.

  6. Verify your address. Make sure all the information is accurate.
  7. Grad App Step 2-3

    Your diploma will be mailed within 4-6 weeks after your degree conferral date to your address in LOUIE. Please verify the address shown, or indicate that you will update your address in LOUIE. Please note that an incorrect address will delay or prevent delivery of your diploma.

Step 4: Fee information

Graduation fees will be charged to your LOUIE Student Center once you have applied. If you withdraw your application or your application is denied due to deficiencies, the $35 per degree/certificate fee(s) will  NOT be refunded. If you re-apply for graduation, the appropriate fees will be charged to your account. Please note that the graduation fee WILL NOT be waived due to low income status or other circumstances.

Graduation filing fees:

  • $35 for each degree and/or certificate
Step 5: Submit your application

This is your last chance to review your information and verify that everything is correct.

  1. Verify that your NAME, ADDRESS and DEGREE are correct. Any replacement diplomas will be mailed at the student's expense.
  2. Review the acknowledgements and terms. Click on the "I agree" check box if you agree to the terms and understand the acknowledgements.
  3. Click on "Continue" to go to the final step of the application process.

By submitting your online application, you are acknowledging that:

  • You have verified that your information is correct, and you understand that online changes other than "Home address" cannot be made after submitting your application.  
  • If your diploma name is incorrect or not the way you desire, and you have not submitted the appropriate paperwork to make the correction before diplomas are mailed, any replacement diploma will be mailed at the student's expense.
  • If you do not satisfy the requirements for graduation as noted on your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) by the last day of the term in which you plan to graduate, you MUST contact us to move your graduation term to a future term. If your AAR is showing "Not Satisfied" for any requirement, you need to contact your academic advisor.
  • You have read and agree to the fee charges and processes outlined in the application.

Information for Post-Baccalaureate Students (2nd Degree)

Post-baccalaureate students are those students who are working towards a second bachelor's degree after they have already earned an accredited bachelor's degree.

If you are a post-baccalaureate student, you will need to fill out and submit the paper Graduation Requirements Checklist to your academic advisor.  

Step 6: One final step

Once you have verified your information for the last time, you will be requested to fill out a Senior Survey.

  1. Click "Continue" to go to the Senior Survey window.
  2. Type in your "User ID" in the text field and answer the survey questions to the best of your abilities.
  3. Once the survey is complete, click on the "Close" button to complete the survey and your graduation application.

Your Senior Survey responses will be kept confidential and will help us to improve the student experience at NAU.

Once you have completed the steps above and your application has been submitted, prepare for your commencement ceremony by visiting the Commencement site.

Important Note: If you do not anticipate satisfying your degree requirements by your graduation term, you must contact the Graduation Office. Failure to do so will prevent you from enrolling in future courses and applying for graduation in a future term.

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