Academic Advisement Reports

For information on the Academic Advisement Report, please go to our "Student Center" guide under the section titled "Run an Advisement Report (Degree Progress)".

Advisement Report

You can use our “Academic Advisement Report” to track your progress towards graduation. The Academic Advisement Report compares the courses you've taken to the requirements for your degree or certificate.  It also shows what courses you still need to complete before you can graduate.

We provide Academic Advisement Reports for undergraduate students seeking their first baccalaureate degree or certificate, dating back to the 2001-03 Academic Catalog.  Academic Advisement Reports are also available for some graduate certificate programs.

Access the Academic Advisement Report

To access your Academic Advisement Report, log into the LOUIE Student Center, select "My Academics," and then "View my advisement report."

Helpful Information

Your Academic Advisement Report is tailored to your specific situation.  It brings together information about all of the academic requirements that apply to you in one report, including:

  • your major(s)
  • your minor(s) and certificates(s), as applicable
  • Liberal Studies requirements
  • university graduation requirements
  • how any transfer work you have from other institutions and/or any test credit will be used to satisfy your academic requirements.

You also can run “What-if” Academic Advisement Reports to see how coursework you've already taken could be applied to a different major, minor, or certificate.  Your Academic Advisement Report can help you complete your degree or certificate as quickly as possible by providing accurate and consistent information about what you need to do to graduate

Please note that even though your Academic Advisement Report will give you good information by itself, you’ll benefit even more by working with an academic advisor who can help interpret the report and provide assistance with schedule building as well as academic and career planning.  If you have any questions about your Academic Advisement Report, please contact your advisor for further clarification and assistance.