Our Pledge - Definition of Terms

Class Fees: Class fees are those fees charged in addition to tuition for certain courses to help cover costs associated with materials required for those courses or the delivery of instruction.

Full-Time for Tuition Purposes: Seven (7) undergraduate credit hours is full-time for tuition purposes for Arizona residents. Twelve (12) undergraduate credit hours per semester is considered full-time for tuition purposes for non-Arizona residents. Note: There are different requirements for being considered full-time for financial aid and for academic progress.

Mandatory Fees: Mandatory fees are those fees charged to all students to support services and programs and services, including (but not limited to) the student health and wellness fee, the activity fee, the technology fee, and the Arizona Financial Aid Trust fee.

New Freshmen: Students who enroll at Northern Arizona University immediately after graduating from high school or who have fewer than twelve credit hours from another college or postsecondary institution or through advanced placement.

New Transfer Students: Students who enroll at Northern Arizona University for the first time having completed twelve or more credits at another college or postsecondary institution.

Part-Time Students: Northern Arizona University provides a variety of programs to extend educational opportunities to students who wish to enroll on a part-time basis (6 units or fewer). Note: There are different per semester credit hour requirements for financial aid and for academic progress.

Pledge Term: The Pledge Term is the eight consecutive fall and spring semesters for which students are guaranteed The Pledge Tuition Rate. The Pledge term begins the semester of an undergraduate student’s enrollment on the Flagstaff campus. Enrollment is considered as any course that has not been dropped (deleted) from the student record. Grades of “W” (withdrawals after the drop deadline) and “AU” (audited coursework) constitute enrollment.

Pledge Tuition Rates: The Pledge Tuition Rate is the fixed four-year (eight consecutive fall and spring terms) tuition rate that all Flagstaff undergraduate degree-seeking students pay. There are separate Pledge Tuition Rates for Arizona Residents, Non-Residents, and students in the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program.

Post-Baccalaureate Students: Post-baccalaureate students have completed their first bachelor’s degree and are now pursuing a second (or additional) bachelor’s degree.

Re-admits: Re-admits are students who previously attended Northern Arizona University, but have not attended for three or more consecutive fall and spring semesters, and have reapplied for admission.