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The Registrar's Office—Schedule of Classes is an internal resource for department leaders and faculty. Two main roles are to help units plan and place their classes, in time and space; and to ensure that classes fulfill the descriptions/formats approved by curriculum authorities. By doing so, the Registrar's SoC serves students by providing a timely and accurate record that lets them plan their class schedules with confidence. Schedule of Classes uses advancing technology, wherever possible, to respond to competitive best practices and trends among peer institutions.

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  • Oversee/manage the production of NAU's Fall and Spring class schedules, including data integrity
  • Collaborate to establish system-wide scheduling processes, identify issues, find resolutions
  • Work to improve facility utilization and class availability (goal: student access to essential classes)
  • Guide academic departments through the process of class-schedule data 
  • Document scheduling needs and nuances for all academic units
  • Create system documentation and run reports for executive, administrative, and inter-office use
  • Train academic departments on class scheduling
  • Review facility change requests and approve if admissible (e.g., within guidelines; inventory permitting)
  • Monitor and maintain building and facility data in LOUIE and 25Live
  • Assign classrooms via 25Live
  • Pre-review new courses and course changes prior to curriculum committee meetings
  • Create new course topics
  • Manage aspects of Summer/Winter Flagstaff-Mountain classes
  • Update the Final Exam Schedule
  • Currently implementing: Centralized scheduling 
  • Currently implementing: Multi-term scheduling

Information pertaining to academic scheduling is emailed to all Schedule of Classes contacts, including class schedulers, chairs, associate deans, and stakeholders. If you are not part of the listserv, but should be, please contact ( and request access. 

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Class Scheduling Forms

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▮ ▮ ▮ One Request per Form ▮ ▮ ▮

Schedule of Classes: Activate, Cancel, Make Tentative (For existing, not for new classes.)  Window: 1-3 business days

Input Error  Request to correct: Campus ▮ Consent ▮ Grading Basis ▮ Notes section ▮ Student-Specific Permissions ▮▮▮ Or: For lecture with zero-unit lab only --> Auto Enroll Section, Class Component, Class Type   Window: 1-3 business days

New Topic Title Request   Window: 1-3 business days

Off-Cycle Changes (Request to change: mode, session, units, meeting pattern) Window: 1-3 weeks, depending upon processes and volume

Off-Cycle New (Request new class, new section, addition of existing topic title to an active class; meeting-pattern conflict-resolution)   Window: 1-3 weeks, depending upon processes and volume

Request for a Class to Start/End Outside Regular Term  


Using SoC Interactive Forms
  • How do I get a copy of what I've submitted on the form? 
    • Each form ends with a summary of your responses. Download the PDF copy for documentation and tracking for your unit.
    • If you download the PDF, be sure to continue and click SUBMIT.
  • What if I can’t complete the form in one sitting? 
    • Each form is set to ‘Save and Continue’ for 72 hours upon start. Note: availability may vary if SoC has to reset a form or if you change computers or clear history.
  • What if I need to change a form that has been submitted? 
    • This is not encouraged. Avoid the need for changes by carefully reviewing the form before you submit. When necessary, the SoC can send you a personalized link that will allow you to re-enter a submitted form and make changes. Please request by email.
  • What if I have multiple submissions? 
    • You will need to fill out one form per submission. Bookmark the SoC Maintenance web page for easy return to the Forms area. (Unfortunately, the ability to download or print your responses disables the function of automatically returning you to the SoC Maintenance page.)
  • What if I need to cancel a request made via an interactive form?
    • Send a very specific email to SoC requesting that form be cancelled. Provide clear, specific information, including time of submission, if possible. This is to protect your other requests, which may look very similar. 
  • How can I tell if my request has been completed?
    • When we complete an item, we send the submitter an email to confirm the request has been processed.
    • If you have not received an email within the expected time window, please:
      • Check the class in LOUIE to see if the change has been made. (Although unlikely, due to volume, it is possible we missed sending an email.)
      • Send an email to to inquire. Please specify the type of form, the date you submitted, the Subj Area + Catalog # (ex: ITG 201) and a thumbnail of what you were requesting (ex: "Add existing topic to Active class"). This will help us locate the request among the many we receive.

Room Assignment Forms

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Session Dates & Timelines

Session Dates
 Please visit the Registrar's Important Dates page.
Schedule Build Timelines

There are no longer "phases" to the schedule builds. Class schedulers and unit leaders will be notified regarding planning windows, schedule-build dates, and deadlines. 

Summer 2019 (1194) Schedule-Build Timeline 

Your unit's SoC-build-planning spreadsheet [run via Enterprise Reporting (ERS)], is due to SoC on (or before) 8:00 am on Friday, March 2, 2018. 

Checklist and Tips for Preparing Your Unit's ERS Build-Planning Spreadsheet 

Summer/Winter Session Resources: 

Fall 2019 (1197) and Spring 2020 (1201) Schedule-Build Timelines 

Your unit's SoC-build-planning spreadsheet [run via Enterprise Reporting (ERS)], is due to SoC on (or before) 8:00 a.m. on the date emailed to the Scheduler and Chair of your unit. (Dates vary slightly, based on such things as in-progress curricular approvals and newly approved degrees, minors, etc.)

Additional Resources

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