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Emergency Preparedness Presentations & Trainings 

The NAU Office of Emergency Management offers various trainings and presentations across campus to students, faculty, & staff.  Many presentations are about an hour, but all can be customized to meet the needs of a specific audience, such as Greek life, academic departments, staff meetings, residence halls, and other groups.  Topics covered during the presentation can include:

  • Emergency Procedures Poster Presentation
  • Active Shooter Planning and Response
  • Preventing Violence on Campus / Preventing Workplace Violence
  • Personal Preparedness
  • Department Emergency Planning
  • Building a Disaster Supply Kit
  • Overseas Travel Safety 

Posters & Handouts

Most ‘Ready’ themed posters and preparedness handouts can be downloaded using the links below.  Those on the NAU main campus can request full sized printed posters by using the form below.


The NAU Police Department hosts a series of online 360° Stay Safe ™ Videos on the following topics:

  • Protect Your Possessions and Identity
  • Sexual Assault
  • Controlling Behavior
  • Stalking
  • Everyday Safety
  • Common Sense Defense
  • Safe Travel (Access the videos)

If you would like to acquire any of the above resources or to schedule an emergency preparedness presentation or training please contact the NAU Office or Emergency Management at 928-523-6249 or