What Our Students Are Saying


"The internship has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. I was eager to learn and made the internship my priority. The hands-on experience in problem-solving and decision making will be beneficial in my future endeavors. Most importantly my internship has instilled in me the confidence I will need to succeed in future academic and professional endeavors." Theodore Temple

"I loved the internship…it was a lot of work but the experience was great. I was given many responsibilities at the organization. In performing my duties I learned much that will benefit me in future employment."  Amelia Garcia

"At the organization there is a high emphasis placed on relationships and leaders work hard to maintain positive relationships inside and outside the organization. These experiences are ones I will remember and use in professional relationships in the future." Danielle Torgeson

"The best decision I made in my college career was to engage the 408C Capstone Internship program at NAU.  While academics undoubtedly provide a necessary preparation, the bottom line is that graduates must then build a career that supports living after college. Building a career means building and maintaining your professional network. There is no substitute for the face to face interaction through an internship that provides this opportunity. It is then necessary to recognize and remember that such an opportunity must be afforded all the effort and due diligence that can be brought to bear or it will remain only an opportunity and not coalesce into sustainable reality." Matthew Heckard

"My internship experience has allowed me to use knowledge and skills developed in my classes at NAU. As part of the internship I conducted an organizational review that assessed political, legal, economic, and social issues and their impact on my organization. As an intern I was given a diversity of responsibilities that provided many insights into the day-to-day challenges occurring at most public organizations. This internship experience will contribute to my success in future academic and professional opportunities." Daniel Fitz

"The internship provided me the opportunity to work across a broad scope of projects and experience public sector dynamics first-hand. One of the most significant aspects of the internship was being given the opportunity to function as a vital component of the department. This dynamic led my learning and allowed me to experience the ‘good and the bad,’ use my knowledge and education, practice discernment and judgement in decision-making, and gain insight into what it means to perform as an informed and educated public servant." Jeffery Hartsell