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The Public Administration and Justice Studies Department consists of a team of Northern Arizona University full-time and part-time faculty, academic advisors, and Extended Campuses Outreach and Transition Coordinators dedicated to your academic and professional success. Collaborating across various locations in Arizona, our team is focused on providing a rigorous academic program designed to help you gain critical skills necessary to become an effective public manager. Our vision, mission, and student learning goals focus on the success of every single student.We offer in-person and online classes to give you flexibility in arranging your work and class schedules. We offer a focused program to help you complete your degree on a timely and cost-effective basis. Our goal is to keep the size of all classes small to help you engage with faculty members and interact with classmates in a productive learning environment. Read more.

Mission statement

The Public Administration and Justice Studies Department's mission is to prepare students to become effective and ethical public managers through the development of managerial, problem solving, budgetary, and leadership skills. Our faculty is committed to every student's success. By promoting rigorous academic standards and high expectations for student achievement, our programs emphasize experiential learning linking theory to specific problems relevant to public managers.

Vision statement

The Public Administration and Justice Studies Department represents an innovative statewide model delivering in-person and online courses in the fields of Public Administration, Emergency Management and Justice Studies. Our programs are designed to meet the managerial demands of local, state, and federal government agencies and aim to develop the core skills public managers need to succeed in the complex and rapidly changing environments of the 21st century.


The Public Administration and Justice Studies Department values active learning and encourages its diverse faculty and students to adopt best practices that create an effective and engaging learning community in the traditional or online classroom.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of a program offered by the Public Administration and Justice Studies Department students will be able to:
Demonstrate their managerial decision-making, leadership, problem solving, and budgetary skills in various public agency settings.
  • Contribute to the effective managerial performance of their organization.
  • Develop an effective code of ethics for their agency.
  • Design professional development and training plans to meet employer needs in the public sector.
  • Identify the main issues and conditions affecting a public manager's job.
  • Define the roles and skills necessary to manage change in a public sector organization.
  • Understand the budgetary process for local, state, and federal agencies.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to excellence in public service.