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Tried to log into Jacks Planner and were redirected here? If you could not get into your Jacks Planner, either your planner is not available or you are not eligible for Jacks Planner.  See the section below: "Who can use Jacks Planner?" or contact us and we will look into your situation.

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What is Jacks Planner?

An interactive academic planning tool helping you efficiently complete your degree program. 

  • Provides you a clear pathway towards degree completion
  • Assists you in staying on track and reaching your educational goals
  • Intelligent design that considers prerequisite requirements, course offerings, as well as your personal preferences

Who can use Jacks Planner?

  • Undergraduate degree seeking students in catalog years 2014-2015 and forward
    • Including transfer and extended campuses students
    • Excluding Personalized Learning and post-baccalaureate students

How Do I Use Jacks Planner?

The following video tutorials and related documents will get you started.

More Information

Glossary (PDF)
Advisor Tips & Tricks (PDF)