Units and Programs

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Support for Students

Provides students with the tools and healthy dispositions to pursue academic and personal goals in addition to building community and a sense of belonging on the Mountain Campus. Moreover, ATP courses and programming assist students in locating helpful student resources, becoming more self-empowered, developing a growth mindset, sustaining motivation, and nurturing a meaningful, authentic college experience.
Provides a specially-designed student learning space and courses that enable students to learn mathematics through the use of interactive technology and immediate student support.
Provides a wealth of opportunities for undergraduate students to enhance their education by participating in research, creative, and scholarly activities. No matter what your major, there is a project opportunity for you and a way to fund it.
Provides peer-led, individualized mathematics tutoring and transition-to-college support for first year students in an online, non-residential setting.
Prepares competent and committed professionals to make positive differences for children and young adults in schools.    
Rethink Possible – USC 150 
A series of engaging, interactive eight-week courses centered around the "big questions" of college and beyond. Tackle these questions and more in a small-classroom environment, facilitated by passionate instructors.
University Advising 
Provides academic advising and individualized support to undergraduate students as they progress through their NAU degree. Academic advisors encourage students through major selection and academic progression, as well as with personal and academic challenges.

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Support for University Effectiveness

Academic Standards Committee 
Reviews undergraduate policies and maintains the academic standards of the university, while recognizing that special circumstances may occasionally warrant an exception to a policy.
Registrar’s Office 
Supports the purpose and goals of the University by ensuring the accuracy, integrity, and security of academic records and the NAU degree and by promoting student success though the design, implementation, and maintenance of efficient systems for student-centered academic processes such as registration, schedule of classes, transcripts, grading, degree progress, and degree awarding.  
Regulatory Compliance and State Authorization 
Ensures that NAU offers legally compliant educational experiences outside of Arizona and that students in programs leading to professional licensure are eligible to pursue licensure outside of Arizona or are informed otherwise.
Special Projects and Business Administration 
Oversees projects advancing automation and efficiency, while monitoring and improving business processes to better serve students and support university goals.