For Students


The Faculty2Student Outreach (F2S) tool provides an opportunity for your professor to communicate with you in a timely way regarding in-class behaviors that we know are important for students to succeed. 




The main goal is to connect you with your professor about your performance in the class. These messages come to your NAU email account and may come in the form of positive feedback or concerns that are focused on the following areas: 


  • Course participation
  • Grade concerns
  • Missing Coursework
  • Absences



How does F2S work?

Professors send you direct feedback via the F2S tool and the information is compiled into emails about your academic performance. F2S messages connect you with your professor and provide you focused feedback on Course Participation, Grades, Missing Coursework and Absences and/or Positive Feedback.

You choose the appropriate next step once you receive a F2S message.

  • Need further discussion? Reply directly to the professor using the F2S email, call, or visit during office hours.
  • Need resources or information to create or execute your action plan? Use the referrals provided in the email to support your needs. Contact any of the referrals or your academic advisor to get pointed in the right direction.
  • Need advice? Contact your advisor if you have an issue with the class, you are thinking about dropping or withdrawing from a class, or if personal issues are interfering with performance.
  • Advisors and student support personnel can access your archived F2S messages to improve their ability to help you and offer personalized recommendations.